Was St. John Vianney to much?

It is not enough to say that St. John Vianney was a holy priest. The question is, does his faith inspire us?

"When St. John Mary Vianney arrived at the obscure little village of Ars, someone said to him with bitterness, 'Here there is nothing to do.' 'Therefore there is everything to do,' replied the Saint. And he began immediately to act. What did he do? He arose at 2:00am in the morning and went to pray near the altar in the dark church. He recited the Divine Office and prepared himself for Holy Mass. After the Holy Sacrifice, he made his thanksgiving; then he remained at prayer until noon. He would be always kneeling on the floor without any support, with a Rosary in his hand and his eyes fixed on the tabernacle."

See also: Sacerdotii_Nostri Primordia Pope John XXIII, on John M. Vianney

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