Why Marriage can only be btwn. one man and one woman
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Marriage is certainly about love and commitment, but so are friendships, and the government does not issue friendship licenses. If marriage was about love and commitment, the government would have no reason to recognize it. What is it about, marriage, then, that led the government to recognize it?

The answer lies in the examination of the nature of the love and commitment involved in marriage. There are many types of love and expressions of love. All of them require a gift of self from one person to another, but only a man and a woman are capable of giving themselves fully and completely to themselves physically because their bodies were designed to come together and become "one flesh". This one-flesh union, in turn, has a tendency to generate new life, life which must be provided and cared for. This is why on their wedding day husband and wife commit themselves to providing and caring for each other and any children they bring into the world through their lifelong gift of self to each other. As you see, marriage is about a love and commitment that brings a family into being.

As families are the bedrock of any civilization, the government has an interest in their well-being and stability. Government also has a vested interest in ensuring that children are cared and provided for in the best environment possible. Social science shows that, all other factors being equal, children do best when raised by their married biological mother and father. Hence, government should seek to ensure that, whenever possible, children are raised in such an environment. This is why government recognizes marriage and bestows financial and legal benefits on it: to ensure stable families where children, wherever possible,  are raised in the best environment: with their married biological mother and father.

It’s not discrimination and bigotry to treat different things differently. While same-sex couples are capable of love and commitment, they are not capable of the unique love and commitment found in marriage. Marriage is a unique type of love and commitment that only a man and a woman are capable of. Thus, government is justified in solely recognizing unions of opposite-sex couples as marriages.



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